Wednesday, January 30, 2013

AM AA: Week4

Here's 2nd blocking pass. Got more solid gestures and acting.

AM AA: Week3

here's a first blocking pass. Exploring acting choice....

Animation Mentor Advanced Acting: Week2

New termed was started from this month. The goal for this term is basically finish one dialogue animation for my portfolio.

I had some trouble choosing dialogues but at the end, I decided to choose something I really like. I've thought of variation in works but suck it, I love cute stuff! Put things you really like in portfolio so that you won't work for something you don't like....maybe little changed because of my poor English but Stephen Silver was saying something like that in his class, and I totally respect it!

anyway, this is the primary planning to check layout and camera work.

Borderlands 2

Mechromancer with fav skins and equipment 

It's pretty late but happy new year guys. I've been too lazy since new year holidays but maybe I should be back to normal now...

I had tons of time around new year so I played several games I was keeping for the holiday, and Borderlands 2 was the best. I still play when I get spare time. It was too bad that I got my friends to play coop mode...darn, it's so fun!!!