Sunday, February 26, 2012

AM BF: Week8

Last week's assignment was blocking generic walk. I studied a lot
in the past so I didn't struggle much, but I realized again that walk
is such a complicated action. I'm pretty sure that I'll struggle for
polishing this week...

and also sketches and posed rig. Theme was "pose showing physical strength"
-posed rig revised

Forrest Gump

Forrest and Forrest Jr. at the ending. Too touchy...

Continuing from the last last post, a quick sketch from a movie,
"Forrest Gump".

This movie got the most idiot, innocent, and appealing main character
I've ever seen. Basically, this movie is about a success story of a man
called Forest Gump. He is a stupid man but he succeeds mainly by his
luck and effort.

There are many unique and appealing characters like Lieutenant Dan
and Bubba. I could watch the sequence of Vietnam war without terrifying
because of the interaction between those unique and funny characters.
Forrest always misunderstands things and that was really funny too.
For example, he was believing Apple Inc. as fruit company throughout
whole story.

More movie sketches coming...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art Block Buster: Week5

This week's topic was "The thing that scares you the most", so I did
quick digital sketch of a bee. I hate it since I was little...

There was a drawing assignment when I was in University that is exactly
the same, so this reminded me of old days. I drew a bee at that time too
of course ;)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Shawshank Redemption

I've heard that this is a great movie, and now I'll say that this is the great

It has great story, appealing characters, and nice acting. I especially loved
the acting of the main character Andy(acted by Tim Robbins). He is acted
as quite and calm man but there's lots of subtle actings that shows his
strong emotions. That will be such a great reference for animators.

This is one of most refreshing movie I've seen recently. I know this is a
really famous movie, but if there's someone who've never watched yet,
you gotta watch it!

I've been watching lots of movies but I didn't make any output most of I decided to draw at least a sketch as I watch a movie. Hopefully,
this will help me not forgetting movies and learn something.

AM BF: Week7

I had busy and struggling time last week because of this ball and tail
assignment. I guess all animators have experienced the same thing but
this was one of the toughest challenges I had when I started animation.
Honestly, I didn't do well when I was studying 2D, but hopefully I did
better on this one.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tsubaki Sanjuro

-quick sketch from my favorite scene

I've been watching lots of Japanese classic movies recently, and this is one of my favorite! There's one crazy scene that Sanjuro(main character, guy on the left) kills 20 people continuously and that was so cool! This movie was produced in 1962 but I still enjoy it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

AM BF: Week6

Here's revision of last week's squash and stretch assignment. rotation tweaked + little stretch added.

...and here comes overlapping action assignment. I didn't do well when I was studying 2D, so I took more time than usual. Now I'm ready for ball and tail!

Art Block Buster: Week3

My friends started cool blog called Art Block Buster, that allows Vanarts people to post drawings based on the theme we get every week. I love this idea. Good job Steve and David!

last week's theme was Vanarts teachers so I drew Charles, who taught me what is cartoon. I don't know why but it's so tough to draw a caricature of someone I know... 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

AM BF: Week5

Best bouncing ball I've ever done! Before this week, all of assignments were really basic so that it was tough being creative. This assignment had lots of choices and I had really fun time working on it. 

and here's posed rig for the week. The theme was "devastation".  

Portrait Study: Male1

These are some good ones from portrait study I'm doing recently. Drawn 5~10min each.

I was really inspired by one of Japanese animator's style and trying to mimic and learn. That style is basically like simple but realistic + only line and no tone. I like how it focuses on line and can't cheat by tone or other factors.