Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Here's other post about what I'm working on...

2D/3D TV anime series I'm currently working on was opened at the public few weeks ago. There is 2D and 3D part in the episode and I'm working on 3D part.(it's similar to Black Rock Shooter, for people who's familiar with anime)

It's just a PV so not much things in it but there'll be more coming eventually. I'm new to this kind of typical anime style animation so I'm having tough time but I'm definitely getting it! Lots of actions, lots to learn!!

New Trailers: Stand By Me Doraemon

bunch of new trailers came up for Stand By Me Doraemon. Few of my scenes included and I'm just too happy!!! My personal favorite is the 3rd one :)

This is screening on August 8th at Japan. Hopefully people like this.