Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Fantasy Moment

I've been practicing too much anatomy stuff recently, so just taking a break. 


  1. Overwhelmingly cute! The hands are nice - especially her right one. I also like how her lip protrudes past the face shape. (for some reason it feels like all the cuteness is coming from those hair curlies in front of her ears...and the bottom eye lashes)

    Just gonna make mention of something. If her wrist is extending into the back of the hand; rather than into the side, it feels like her forearm is a little too long. I think it feels like that due to the line coming from the wrist that is between her thumb and palm.

    I'm gonna have to give this whole "cute" thing a try. Pretty sure I still owe that picture.

  2. Looks great Chris! I really like the head shape and flow. Those hand shapes are awesome. You've always have had great structure, it keeps improving, nice job.

  3. Thx for a long comment David! but try keeping it short. that makes me tired... I noticed about forearm when I was finishing it, but it was midnight already so i gave up XD, and the line was scanned so it's tough to fix it naturally.

    Thank you, Steve. I see your character deign skills improving too!