Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to Yokohama

I got few days break between the terms so I went to Yokohama! It was first time to visit so I just went through famous places.

My first destination was China Town. It's one of the biggest China Towns in the world I heard.

 I grew up in Hong Kong so it was nice feeling something familiar that I was away for a long time. I had pork buns and several kinds of dumplings. It was really awesome! I also enjoyed watching Chinese goods shops which I don't really know what they are selling.

Next destination was Yokohama red brick warehouse. It's basically a big shopping mall reusing historical building. There are many of Yokohama's local brands in this mall. They were unique and nice too see.

Here's famous Yokohama Landmark Tower. 3rd tallest building in Japan. I wanted to see inside too but I was already too tired at this point so I didn't. I realized that I didn't go to this kind of long trip for a while. The life of sitting in front of PC for almost whole day isn't good for our body, I guess. XD  Well, actually I had to keep my energy for the last destination...

This strange look building is the main reason I chose to go to Yokohama. It's called Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. The heaven for ramen lovers!

Can you believe this is the inside of that building? It is the recreation of 70s-80s scene at Japan, and this place includes 9 ramen restaurants from all over Japan. Great thing about here is that all of restaurants have mini-ramen that is half amount of normal ramen. Which means you can try many ramens than usual! I had 4 ramens in total and was super happy. but I learned that we should have ramen when we are hungry, because I couldn't really enjoy the last one I had...I thought I gonna die...

Conclusion for my Yokohama trip, Ramen Museum is awesome. I gotta go again.

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