Sunday, April 1, 2012

Animation Mentor Psychology of Body Mechanics : Week 1

Second term started!!! There were many choices in the new assignment and I decided to do "simple dance move". I usually pick medium level for assignment choices but I felt like I want to make something stands out this time so I'll do the tough one. Even in the case when it doesn't work, I'll chose lower level for the next assignment. Let's see how this works...

I chose cossack dance to animate and here's reference I got. I try to do by myself but it's really really hard...I guess their leg muscles are CRAZY!

This is rough test I did using Degicel Flip book. I haven't tried animating with Cintiq before but it seems working okay. To me, Degicel was a software to just scan and edit, but actually it works totally fine to make animation on it. At least, it remains more hand-drawn taste than Flash or other Vector style software. 

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