Monday, August 13, 2012

Comic Market 82

I went to Comic Market last weekend. This time, maybe the first time in my life, I went there seriously to get specific books. I heard from my figure drawing teacher that some famous animators are selling self-published books at Comic Market. It was sucks that I didn't know until this year...I have to go for it every time from now.

It was sooo crowded and hot like hell, but here's a result...

Woohooo!! Lots of great inspirations!!! This includes animators from Gainax and their drawings are just SO AWESOME!

a page from these. might be deleted....


  1. Jealous!! And don't delete the page! There are lots of book sites that show tons of preview pics. 1 just shows off the talent.

    Speaking of Gainax. You ARE seeing eva 3.0 in november right? I hope Asuka survives a little longer this time :S

  2. actually, I haven't watched the latest one yet so gotta watch that first XD