Saturday, May 4, 2013

AM PP: Week2

When I went through my portfolio selection, I realized that there's not much walking or running animation which seems variable for applying games, so here is the planning for the simple character walk cycle. This'll be the last piece to add on my portfolio.

btw this is like talking to myself but just clarifying where I'm aiming for after finishing this course, for my friends who might wondering what I'm up to...Around the time when I started this course, I used to aim for TV/feature animation or advertisement and I wasn't interested in anything else. But I luckily had a chance to experience many of recent PC games(Skyrim, Cod BO, Borderlands2, Portal2, etc) since last year and I was totally impressed with how awesomely well made they are, and made me interested in working on games too. My final goal is still working on feature animation, but for now, my main focus is getting into game industry. I'm open to any animation jobs so I have no idea what I really get, but at least I know where I want to go.

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