Monday, July 16, 2012

AM ABM: Week3

Here's re-blocked version of my balance beam shot. Some breakdowns added and keys adjusted to make more "push" feeling when he turns. Also, small step added at the beginning to make the shot more interesting. I'm almost ready to spline and make it smooth!

1 comment:

  1. Here again! I like the startup. The subtle ass poke is nice. You were always strong at picking up on the small things.

    Just one thing to mention. Watch out for constant timing!

    After watching this, I noticed that each separate motion is carried out at the same speed (each handspring and the flip all take 2 beats).

    Those 6 beats all follow the same timing. You might want to break it up; speeding up the handsprings, increasing the float on the flip etc would do it. The way you have the flip's keys set up, it looks as if you could exaggerate and extend the float to 16-24 frames (if you sped up the springs to increase the drive force).