Monday, July 16, 2012

Pokemon Black/White2

Many of enemy trainers got great designs. New pokemons, not really...  

I've recently finished the newest version of pokemon, so I drew something related to it. It's already a 5th series, and there're 648 pokemons in total. 648, can you believe that? so crazy.

I wan't expecting much because It's a sequel of Black/White version, but it was actually well made and I had fun playing it. I guess this is the most difficult version in whole series. Many of boss trainers use strong pokemons with strong moves like human would, and also few of them reaches to level 80. There's too many factors to consider for breed and battle in pokemon these days. I started to doubt that pokemon is really for kids...

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  1. The twins bring back fond memories. I agree about the poke designs. I figure a broom pokemon is due any gen now :S. I still remember getting my pikachu in Yellow. Good times.

    Draw a cute shota Mewtwo! I challenge you!